WORTHY / ZEPLIN is a unique combination of musical talent that is currently building momentum and making their voices heard across Europe!Based in Brunswick, Germany they produced their first album “THE FLOW” in 2013, followed by the CD „BEST OF…“ along with some singles. Prompted by their steadily increasing fan base they have also released own videos which are gaining more and more hits on youtube.Through their soulful, energetic and heartwarming sound they have made some loyal fans throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.Reggie Worthy, originally from North Carolina/USA, came to Germany in 1979 to record the Patrick Gammon Album DON’T TOUCH ME. He toured with artists like Tina Turner (IKE & TINA TURNER REVUE), Udo Lindenberg, Inga Rumpf, Eric Burdon, US5, Justin Timberlakes ‚N Sync and is still attending Stefan STOPPOK (STOPPOK plus WORTHY/ STOPPOK- Band).Ina Zeplin is quite known as the lead singer of the former Rock Band BROKEN MARBLE. Ina’s and Reggie’s special chemistry is undeniable and their vocal harmonies and blend gives them a very unconventional flavor that´s leaving a trail of believers each time they perform.  Add to that Reggie´s extraordinary bass playing and Ina´s hammer rhythm acoustic guitar and you have the WORTHY & ZEPLIN sound!